Natural Canine Leadership Classes

Dogcity Daycare’s Natural Canine Leadership Class is for owners of dogs over puppy age and acts as a lead into Canine Obedience classes. Learn to communicate with your dog using only natural and instinctual dog language and apply it to real life situations where you want calm and controlled behaviour.

By giving him leadership in a language that he understands, you will give him a more relaxed and worry-free lifestyle knowing that you are a capable leader that it is control!

Held indoors at Dogcity Daycare, 24 King William St Kent Town.
Course content and facilitation by Tobias Diamond of Dogcity Daycare.

Upcoming 2014 Class Dates:

  • January 7, 14, 21 & 28
  • April 8, 15, 22 & 29
  • June 3, 10, 17 & 24
  • October 7, 14, 21 & 28

Class time is 7pm – 8.30pm


Class schedule:

Night 1: Dog Psychology
  • Leadership principles: covering topics such as setting rules, controlling space, affection, correction, discipline, consistency etc. How dogs view the home and family.
  • Exercise: a key requirement of calm behaviour. How much is appropriate and what sorts of exercise can be most effective, ideas on mental stimulation.
  • Discussion of instincts, recognising drive and discussion of breeds
  • Controlled playtime
Night 2: Anxiety, Barking, Aggression and other issues
  • Separation anxiety: why and how to manage it
  • Aggression or fear: leash aggression, stranger danger, resource guarding and protective behaviour.
  • Preventing barking, destruction, digging, jumping, biting etc
  • How to manage your dog when you work during the day
  • Controlled playtime
Night 3: Leash Walking, Training and Obedience
  • Understanding of basic obedience and practise of technique. Discuss use of food and reward.
  • Proper leash walking: types of collars, harnesses etc. practise walking and discussion about the role of walking with the pack and why it is so crucial.
  • Recall and distraction work
  • Controlled playtime
Night 4: Recap and Discussion
  • Training practise
  • Follow up on previous work
  • Free discussion
  • Controlled playtime

Download the Natural Leadership Class Enrolment form or contact Dogcity reception on 7225 5893.

Cost: $165 inc gst payable at Dogcity
Numbers: min 8, max 10 dogs
Dog age: 12 weeks onwards



Thank you for the session last night, we agree completely with your training methods and felt excited about how we can improve Juno’s behaviour. It all makes a lot more sense to us than other training schools we have been to previously!  Ben and Eliza

We enjoyed the course so much, it was interesting, informative and fun and I learnt more about Milo in 15 minutes that three weeks at my old puppy school! Well done Tobias and Dogcity.   Vicki



Information provided is of a general nature and individual advice can be sought on request. Dogcity Daycare uphold very high standards of safety and service, but class attendees are responsible for the safety and wellbeing of their own puppy before, during and after class time.


We do not refund registration fees within 48 hours of the event.